Sea Stories / Thrillers - William S. Schaill

Square Sails, Cannons, Pirates, Terrorists, Deep Sea Diving, Murder, Intrigue - Today and Yesterday

Historical Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
A decaying undersea station is caught in the middle of a catastrophic Cold War incident.
Retired naval diver Al Madeira is hired to salvage a highly radioactive Soviet submarine.
Al Madeira is hired to salvage a treasure galleon. The Cubans try to stop him.
The Trident Force must identify and disable an insane terrorist before he can destroy an Antarctic cruise ship.
The Trident Force must neutralize a PLO master terrorist before he turns the Mediterranean red with blood.
The Trident Force fights murderous Somali pirates and a Saudi plot to import their own nuclear arsenal.

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Black Dick Howe Does It His Way

Admiral Lord Richard Howe, RN, (Black Dick to the Fleet) was the most correct of men. Yet he had his own, very distinct manner of doing things. He won naval battles the old fashioned way but he also won one or two without firing a shot. Armed only with his reputation for honesty and decency he ended one of the Royal Navy’s greatest mutinies without hanging a soul. While serving as Treasurer of the Navy he stole not a single penny. When sent to end the North American Insurrection he struggled mightily to charm the colonists into staying in the Empire rather than attempt to force them to do so at gunpoint. And he came close to succeeding.

Throughout his very long and very active life, Howe kept doing things that raised eyebrows. In the case of his service in North America, he was even charged with treason for failing to pound hard enough on the colonists.

Published by Leaping Lion Books, York University, Ontario, CA and available at books.htm