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Cabot Station Fights for its Life under the Winter North Atlantic



The work vehicle’s operator guided the fishy robot to examine the unidentified submarine from all sides. Pettit was correct. It was a standard Mitsubishi Siren, one of the most widely used commercial survey and general work submersibles. The robot’s monitor showed that the Siren had a slight list to starboard.

"What’s that?" demanded Pettit, pointing at the video display.

"What?" asked Hammerstein.

"There’s something under the Siren. It looks like a long cylinder or something ..."

* * *

Almost as if able to read Peacock’s confusion, the captain of Lion Fish’s dance partner stopped his engines at that moment and turned hard right. Lion Fish shot past her. The Russian was now between Peacock and the Siren.

"That son of a bitch!" screamed Peacock when he realized what had happened. "He’s inside us now. Right full rudder. Dive! We’ll cut under him."

* * *

"Assuming civil war is breaking out again, who’s going to win? The Communists? The Christians? The Social Deomcrats? The Fascists? The Mongols?"

* * *

"Man overboard," shouted one of the divers. Chief Rand spun and looked in the direction the diver was pointing. The orange lifejacket and its passenger were being blown rapidly downwind, into the snow.

"It’s Captain Madeira," said the diver. "He was freeing his lifeline, it got tangled and he just disappeared."



"Bloody Exciting. Amazingly Realistic ... "

--Kirkus Reviews

"Heart-Pounding ... The Pace Never Slackens ... Give Cabot Station to Tom Clancy Fans -- They’ll Thank You."

-- Library Journal